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14-07-2013 01:12

29-06-2013 13:18
Wellcome Smil

list of the future themes



A list of the many themes and areas we will keep posting articles on in the future...


Here I will compile a list of the most interesting ideas...


  1. Requirements impact on development flow and break down 
    agile effects, 
    tools and methods, 
    people skills, 
    organizational skills, 
    business requirement vs technical requirements

  2. Software and hardware dependencies and inter-relations during development phases.
    When to start sw - when to start hw?
    when to align them ?
    what connects them ?
    What divide them?
    accelerated process and methods
  3. How is your architecture doing?
    What are the criteria’s for the given architecture?
    When do you know it’s time to shift?
    What can you benefit from?
    Has it been done before?
  4. Requirement --> test cases --> verifications 
    The process, the needs, the clarifications, the synchronizations, the ... lot more ...
    When is a requiremnt fulfilled -
    when are developers done? ,
    how to verify this
    Where are the business/customers for our solutions?

  5. Are you Testing?
    Automatic or manual testing - does it matter?
    Will we benefit from the huge effort in automatic testing? 
    We are a 4-6 men company/team - is it for us ?
    Isn't to complex?
  6. Automatic testing --> regression testing --> CI
    The process
    The tools and tool chain
    The goals
    The benefits
    Pros cons
  7. Agile business --> does this mean agile development?
    Can we handle the changes equally fast in the development area ?
    Will the teams over flood ?
    Can we adjust very lately on the requirements?

  8. Testing - down to the last bit and I/O port
    Is System testing for you?
    Surprise!!!! System testing makes a difference - very early too!
    where to focus testing (if having limited resources)

  9. Platforms makes things faster
    Why platforms layered architecture is a must for business
    benefits for platforms 
    benefits for component development
  10. Other type of testing than compiler (no Error) and a business guy saying 'Sell it!'
    Is it worth the money?
    What to go for?
    List of typical areas for unit and integration testing
    How fast is it to start?

  11. Integration of 3rd party modules/products
    what’s the catch using 3rd party (as if we didn't know this)
    how to distribute?
    how & what to test and focus on ?
  12. IoT (Internet Of Things) all devices on the internet - how does this affect us ?
    how could we test a local network ?
    Which risks do we look into?
    Any treads and what about bottlenecks ?
    How easy is it to get started ? 

Furthermore applying    

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